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Manchester Bombing. Ariana Grande. Bomb filled with “Shipyard Confetti”

So, we have reached another LOW in depravity! A suicide bombing at a Music Concert for young fans performed by Ariana Grande. The Bomb was clearly designed to kill and maim all who were caught in the immediate blast. These bombs are filled with nuts and bolts, ball bearings, nails etc. commonly known by the Military as “Shipyard Confetti”. They are arguably the worst type of device.


As I write, the ethnicity or religious persuasion of the bomber is not known.

How has this affected you?

If you already live with a Mental illness, these types of incidents can have detrimental effect on your current state of mind.  If you live with someone who is living with a mental condition, particularly, Stress, PTSD, or Fear, may be extremely agitated this morning, or as they find out about the incident. If you are concerned, contact your GP or Social Worker, without delay.

To be affected, you do not require to be already suffering from a Mental Condition, it is not uncommon to be affected “Remotely”, or indirectly.  If your negative feelings persist, or indeed grow into a debilitating situation, seek help.

Knee Jerk Reaction

You may be feeling ANGRY, you may already have concluded which Organisation or Ethnicity committed this atrocity.  That’s OK! What’s important is what you do with that anger, how you react with that anger.

download (1)  Understand your emotion

Understand your emotion, it is natural to feel angry, or violated, or impotent. You may want revenge, to get even. An eye for an Eye perhaps?                                                         That is exactly what you should not do! Those are reactions that Terrorists are looking for. Actions that will fuel their cause! The probabilities are, that any vengeance you reek, will be  against another innocent person, another “easy target”. You will then be no better than the Terrorist!

Talk about it – write about it

Use non-violent methods to try and understand your emotions, use social media, read social media. Write notes – write a blog. write a story of your feelings. Go for a run, visit the Gym, go to a social event or place where you will not stew in your own negative emotions.

Write to me – here.  this may provide a forum for open discussion on the matter.

May your God Bless you, and keep you Safe……………..

Gordon – your accessible Therapist


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