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The Sun is shining, but it’s Dark in my world

The Sun is shining, but it’s Dark,

The Sky is Clear, but a Cloud over me…

This is my Life.

I wake, and begin my day, who knows what it will  bring,

It can be a Dark day, a Normal day, or a Manic day,

It could also be all of the above, who knows what it will bring.

Nevertheless, I must face the day, with all of its mysteries of emotions to come, for;

Too tired to live – Too tired to die

This is my Life.

As a young man, I was fearless and brave, I have Medals to prove this is true,

Experiences, Actions and Life’s choices, have taken there toll,

and my brain has learned to decipher everyday experiences in its own unique way.

This is my Life.

Everyday experiences – both obvious or sensed, are absorbed and processed, immediately, with obvious and not so obvious results,

Some show as actions, others are stored, in the vast chasm of my unconscious,

These to be released to haunt me when alone and asleep, with my barriers down.

This is my Life.

So, how to live with such a chaotic mind? Mood swings occurring, and people who love me concerned,

Be Honest, ask for help, tell the truth about all,

Bare my soul, my spirit, my fears, trust in others to give me assistance.

Take my Medication, there’s a good boy, don’t forget or run out, or you’ll live to regret,

The good work that is does to mask and control, the clouds and the Mood swings that do take their toll.

This is my Life.

Adapt my life, to avoid places and things, that may bring detrimental memories or thoughts into my head, for fear of them being mis-analysed or misread.

Meditate, seek inner peace, give up the booze, ‘cos it interferes with the Meds, that’d take me on a trip, that would not endear me with “Joe-public”!

So, I learned all that was wrong with me, and I sought experts who would teach me, the Psychology of the issue, and Psychiatrists who showed me the Chemical highways, and where mine take a detour, which makes me unique.

This is my Life.

Now I’m Qualified, and Experienced in many aspects of Mental Health;

Risen from the Ashes like the Phoenix

Stress, Loss, Low Self Esteem, isolation, PTSD, OCD, Life Skills, and more,

I “Give back” and Empower others to understand their challenges,

I give them a path, to recover or Manage their condition, I walk the path to recover or Management with them, holding their hand along the way.

Pleased in the knowledge that I can, and do, make a difference,

My day to day Management becomes a Blessing in disguise,

You see I would not be in this Moment, moment by moment, if I had not experienced all before,

So who would I be?

Big G.


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