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The injured Pheasant.

Logo PheonixLiving in a rural area, we are visited by a number of wild animals and birds. One of them is a male Pheasant. A beautiful multi-coloured, proud, strutting, handsome bird. He became friendly, and a frequent visitor, so we named him, “Hector”.

Recently, Hector arrived in our gardent injured. A horrible limp, and other injuries, conducive to being in a collision with a vehicle. I thought he would die. We left food and water for him, and tried to make his last days, hours comfortable. The following day, he was still with us. Hobbling, but alive, and eating and drinking, “phew!” as the family had grown attached to this beautiful creature.

As the days went on, Hector lost the use of one leg. He just sat on the ground motionless, so we put food and water close to him.

One morning, we woke up to the familiar sound of a Pheasant calling. A new visitor! No,….it was Hector! He had come to a crossroad in his life, and decided, he had to come to terms with his disability and start living again. Hector has learned to hop! Slowly at first, but now he’s quite mobile, squawking regularly, a very proud Pheasant!

Apart from being a lover of wildlife, why am I writing about Hector?

Hector has reminded me of my life, and the lives of others who come to see me Professionally. All of uslive with some sort of Disability. Physical, Mental, real or imaginary. All debilitating to some extent, and some severely.

Hector had to come to terms with his disability. His choice was, “Live or Die!”. He chose life. It took him a few days, but the choice, once made, was acted upon. He had to learn to live with his disability, and remain proud of who he was, a Proud, beautiful, noisy Pheasant!

With our Mental issues, Low self esteem, Depression, PTSD, Stress, Loneliness, isolation, we have choices. Those choices are simple. Remain in the ” Black cloud”, or burst through into a happier, more fulfilling life! If our issue is “Chronic”, then to learn to accept the issue, and drive on, and enjoy life to the full extent of your abilities. Be proud of who you are, and confident in everything you experience or try. Even if you fail at something, you have learned something, and have become a better person for it.

Begin by being honest. With yourself and others. Baby steps, remember your successes on that journey, however small. Never give up.

Remember Hector: Squawk every day, and be proud of yourself. You deserve it!

Warmest regards,

Gordon, your friendly Therapist.

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