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United Airlines – horrific Passenger Removal!

CEO Oscar Muñoz is handling this poorly.

The 69-year-old doctor was beaten and bloodied by police, the video went viral and can be seen HERE.

Personally, from a Therapists point of view, and a man who has been taught “Crisis Management”, I’m horrified!

The Blame for this incident lays squarely on the shoulders of the Airline.

Why was it overbooked?

How did that let an Extra passenger on board?

This issue should never have occurred! If the processes and procedures that are in place were adhered to, the Flight would have taken off without incident.

Consider if it was you, travelling alone, or with your family. All of you must disembark, the children would be confused, even terrified! A holiday ruined, a business appointment missed – your Job lost.  Scary!

But no! All the blame is apportioned to the PAYING Passenger! He was not reasonable, he refused to disembark. He argued with Police. Then BRUTALLY and Humiliatingly “DRAGGED OFF” the plane. I am sure he will seeking legal advice.

Look at this issue from a Political point of view. An man of Asian decent. Was the “New Passenger “White”? God knows at this point. What a mess. The Fall out will be huge!

Instigate: “Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)” Mr. Muñoz.

I am a Business Consultant, as well as a Therapist. I chose both, as I can help others to get ahead in life, to “Empower Others“!

This incident will have caused the DRP to be instigated, to minimise the damage to the Brand, to alert the Lawyers to start preparing a defence, to plan a Media Campaign. To assess, “how much will this cost: Directly? Indirectly?

You see, in today’s world of litigation, terrorism, and other Stresses, passengers on board may Claim “Psychological damage”.

If you have been unduly affected by this incident, talk to a Professional like me at:

The Claims could go on and on and on……

Mr. Muñoz, in the unlikely event that you read this article. I am willing to travel to the States, and Audit your Processes & Procedures, Facilitate the “Specialist Training” of your Staff, and instigate additional Training where needs dictate.

That’s if I can get a seat, and stay in it!

Warmest regards everybody…




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