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Mel B’s Relationship abuse revealed in court documents as she files for restraining order against ‘monster’ ex Stephen Belafonte.

Relationship abuse: Those of us that have been their, will know that it is a state of infinity.  The only change is that in the majority of cases, the abuse gets more intense, more severe, more devastating, more painful.

Mel B’s FULL catalogue of abuse revealed in harrowing court documents as she files for restraining order against ‘monster’ ex Stephen Belafonte (the Mail)

Mental abuse can take many forms, but some instances are so minor, that they are

almost imperceptible. One thing is for certain, it will
increase in intensity.  Watch for the signs!

From verbal to Physical, from possessive to total Control, it’s insidious. Like a Cancer, it will spread throughout the entire spectrum of the relationship.

What to do?

Get out! Ask for help, examine your relationship, measure your options, talk to the authorities, your GP, Social Services, Let people know. Talk to a Professional, a Confidential discussion, might assist your decision making process

At the end of the day it’s YOUR Decision

However, if children are in the relationship too, remember that the discord the potential is that it can and will have a huge detrimental effect on the Psychological Wellbeing. Sometimes mapping out their Life’s Path.

Once you have weighed up all your options, you may decide to act. My advice is, their is life after this relationship. Life will go on…and initially it may be frightening, but it will get better…and better…and…





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