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Theresa May arrives in Saudi Arabia no headscarf in Support of freedom of rights for Women

“Defending a visit to the kingdom on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said she hoped to embody the fact that women can hold “significant positions“.

Why not? IO’m all for it! I served in the Gulf during the first Gulf War. Strange how oppressed the women are.  Then, I just assumed that women accepted their limitations. However, 25 years later, with the advent of Social Media, and the internet, it is clear that things do need to change.

Perhaps we should think about why Saudi Arabia can subject their citizens to such backward thinking? Or is it just that Islam forbids women to drive, or show their face, or any of the other aspects of their life that we find distasteful, or is it any of our Business?….

Is it not live and let live? We want our freedom: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement, Freedom to choose what we wear, and how we wear it.


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