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My Mental Health Well being & Wellness Blog. “There is no Turning Back!” (Theresa May yesterday 29 Mar 17)

Hi Readers, this is my first venture into “Blogging”. I have always enjoyed writing, but have always felt….somewhat inadequate.  Far greater Scholars write daily, and are read by millions of people Globally.  However, I am passionate about “Mental Health”, and perhaps my own thoughts ideas and personalised view might be of assistance to others.

OK, I am Gordon, I am a person who lives with MH issues, and I have managed to live in a way that others would not perceive that I have issues.

Useful links have been inserted (in blue) for additional reading. The source was not intentional, just a way of explaining my terminology.


It took me many years, years wasted, by “Self Medicating“, that’s posh for drinking the issue into silence. A way of silencing my “Washing Machine” head. So I thought! Booze is a “Depressant”. The only real advantage, was that I could not remember the night before because I consumed so much.

Eventually, I swallowed my pride and went to the GP. She was not at all sympathetic! “Give up drinking” it will all go away!” Not surprising, as a drinker, never tells the truth….

I gave up drinking and the problem was now that with no booze, the “Washing Machine” was a constant companion. After another while I returned to the GP.  This time (a different GP), he began to listen, I BEGAN TO TELL THE TRUTH!  The Successful Managing of my “Illness” began.

Going forward

It took about a year for the Medication to be adjusted to the right dosage. Many visits to Psychologists, and Therapists, and a lot of internal searching, eventually got me to where I am now.  On this keyboard, sharing my story.

I’ll tell you some more next time – including some details of turning experience into qualifications into Empowering others…That’s if you visit again?

Big G.

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