Gordon is now Operating as a Therapist, focusing on Mental Health & Life Coaching. Based in the gorgeous Country Market Town of Cleobury Mortimer, on a Peaceful plot. Ably assisted by his two Alpacas, and three Chickens!

A Potted History

From a small town in Buckinghamshire,  England. Gordon joined the British Military in 1977.

A younger me

Serving fourteen years in various Theatres around the world. Over three years in Combat Zones.

Upon leaving the Military, he emigrated to South Africa, where he worked in the Security Industry, before becoming a Retailer, running two Supermarkets.

The Military installed a love of Psychology.  Studying Terrorism, Criminal, and Child Psychology.

Working with people throughout his working life, has given him a unique insight to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Personally, has has seen many more Battles than his Military record denotes.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Gulf War Syndrome. Self Medication. Clinical depression, a Heart Attack, all of which have been faced throughout his life, and he decided it’s time to Empower others. To offer advice, Counselling and Therapy, drawing upon his own unique history.


Perfectly placed for treating,  Servicemen and Women, Emergency Services personnel, because he’s been there, done it, seen it, experienced it.

Having experienced, Loss, Trauma,  Anger, desperation, Stress, Isolation,  and more, again gives him a unique insight to what is troubling you, the reader. More importantly,  the tools to show you how to live your life, and be the best you can be!

You are invited to make contact, follow, read more, or find your own Therapist.

However, please do not suffer in Silence.  Make that call!


Stray strong, Stay well,


Gordon, your friendly Therapist.


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